Top 5 Web Design Mistakes You Must Avoid For Sure

Website Designing company in Dwarka

Just imagine that you have planned to buy a product from a shop. The shop owner wants you to fill up some form and then enter the store. Would you really like to visit the shop again? Definitely no! Same thing happens in the case of bad website design. Collecting the information from experienced website designing company in Delhi, here is the informative blog post.

Embed Autoplay Videos or Audios

Autoplays irritates the website visitor. Everybody will not have the same thinking. Consequently, they close your website and go to your competitor site. So, do not let this happen! However, you can include video and audio files. But, give them an option to play. They will love it.

Website Designing company in Dwarka

Grammatical and Spelling Errors

Website Designing company in Dwarka actually know the importance of content in digital media. Content is King! So, double check for the presence of any spelling or grammatical errors. It degrades the quality of your business for sure.

Frequent Pop-Ups

Do not force your website visitor to take some particular action through pop-ups. It is a bad idea. Instead, you can place a clearly defined CTA. You can have one at the end when a customer is about to leave the site. Eliminate the rest without fail!

Too Much Of Advertisements

Most of the website designing company in Delhi agree that advertisement is an integral part of online success. But, it should be within specific limits. Too much is always too bad. Plan a couple of good looking ad banners on the website. It is sufficient!

Unpleasant Graphics and Color Combination

Be very careful while adding images on the website. Poor quality graphics will ruin your website appearance. Also, ask your website designing company to take care of color combination.