Nine Ridiculous SEO Mistakes That Can Affect Ranking

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The website is the best medium of representing online business over the Internet.  A business website can create good reputation of your business. The main objective of a professional website is to generate more customers. To obtain more traffic, it is very necessary to optimize a business website with the effective SEO techniques. Yet non- experienced business persons and webmasters have become silly about SEO mistakes which can affect their website ranking in Google and other search engines. To maintain your website ranking, SEO Company can help you to avoid 9 silly SEO mistakes.

SEO Company Delhi

1. Publishing Duplicate content

Duplicate content indicates the similar content displaying on more than one websites. Content is a key factor for search engine optimization process. To protect the website from Google panda algorithm, it is very necessary that your website should not have thin, duplicate, or low-quality content.

2- Avoiding On-Page SEO Factors

On- Page SEO is the main factor in the website structure process. Avoiding it means that it leaves a lot of thing on the planned chart, so on-page SEO is very important. The common on-Page SEO mistakes are wrong keyword use, poor title tags, awful anchor text, naming images poorly, and ignoring contact information on all web pages. On-page SEO factors play a big role in the ranking. For any doubts, you can contact any professional SEO company for full guidance.

3- Poor Link Building

Obtaining a backlink from low-quality sites can penalize your website, hence you should avoid it. You need to create a backlink from higher PR websites. To get more clear ideas about link building, you can contact with SEO Company Delhi for full guidance.

4- Ignoring SMO

Avoiding SMO may be a risk for SEO. Using SMO techniques can be helpful for ranking. Getting SMO shares is very beneficial from SEO perspective.

5- Forgetting Competitive SEO Analysis

The Competitive Analysis must start, when any SEO company begins the optimization process for client website. And you want to improve in your website ranking. It is very important for you to study the competitor’s performance about their websites.

6- Ignoring website loading speed

Website loading speed should be quick so that it can help in ranking. If it takes more than one second in loading, it will not be good for ranking. So, you should focus on the loading speed of website.

7- Not Monitoring Website Traffic 

Google Analytics helps you to know the strengths and weakness of your website. With the help of this tool, you can monitor your website regularly. With aid of this tool, you can observe rightly how many visitors have visited your website. 

8- Not Being Mobile Friendly website

Having a mobile-friendly website can help you to reach a large number of people within a few seconds. The numbers of people of Mobile users are more than desktop users; hence mobile-friendly website should be helpful for ranking.

9- Poor website structure

A well-structured & designed website improves the chances of ranking in Google SERPS.  Site structure is very important to improve SEO results because of well structure and designs. For more information, you can contact a professional SEO Company Delhi. Thus, you can get the success in avoiding 9 silly SEO mistakes for top ranking.